Central Venues
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Central Venues

Central venues are what make KicKstart different from most other leagues. Each age group is designated a central venue to play all of their games for that season. No need to mark out the pitches, set the goals up, put the nets on, roll out the respect barriers, contact the other team to confirm games and you will always have a referee for each and every game guaranteed without the need to contact them and arrange details. 

Central venues have Site managers and site administrators to ensure the games go without a hitch. There are toilet facilitieshot and cold food and drinks at every venue. Many of the reasons why so many clubs and teams choose KicKstart for their Sunday football.

Texting in results and going online to fill out team selections, goal scorers and substitutes are all made easy with the FA Full Time System which is all automated for you.

Take the stress out of football and join the KicKStart Youth Football League. "Enjoy The Game" after all thats why we are here.

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