Multiple Sites - Under 11's 




All Under 11 Teams will play games at 3 venues to introduce them to Home and Away fixtures. Please check the venue on Full Time fixtures to see where you are playing each week.

All fixtures are available through the Full Time website. View league fixtures HERE

Site Location 1

Manor Park Sports Complex, Ley Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, NG19 8JX

Site 1 Manager

Dale Richardson    -   Mobile : 07855 105 367       

Email :  

Site 1 Administrator

Gill Francis   -   Mobile : 079486 941 917       

Email :


Site Location  2

(Mansfield Athletic FC) Unwin Rd, Sutton - In - Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, NG17 4HN​

Site 2 Manager

David Peake    -   Mobile : 07532 035053     

Email : 

Site 2 Administrator

Anne Griffiths   -   Mobile : 07882 267686       

Email :


Site Location

Queen Elizabeths Academy 150 Chesterfield Rd, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 7A

Site Manager

John Mason    -    Mobile : 07905 307 661     

Email :

Site Administrator

Helen Jones    -   Mobile : 07966 705 508     

Email :

Site Information

ALCOHOL/SMOKING/VAPING is NOT allowed on any touchline in the interests of Health, Safety and Safeguarding Children.


FUND-RAISING on match days by the HOME team (as per your match card) is permitted on all KicKStart venues, providing it involves spectators surrounding your pitch; supporting your game only. The league still recommends the Debdale Tote as the best option available to help raise funds. More details and tote books are available on request from Debdale Park.


PHOTOGRAPHY or FILMING is not permitted on any KicKStart site.


PARENTS/CARERS & SPECTATORS must remain behind the ‘Designated Spectator Areas’ at all times, which at this site, is the metal barriers surrounding the pitches. This is to help support teams in a more responsible manner and in accordance with the Respect Programme.


Football Reception is located in the Main Entrance.


Car Parking is available.


Changing rooms are available in the main building but limited so players are encouraged to arrive ready to play wherever possible. If you need a changing room see your Site Manager for details.


Toilets are available in the ‘main building’.


Hot and cold food, drinks and confectionery can all be purchased from the burger van located in the main car park.


Please use the litter bins provided.


In the interests of health and safety and safeguarding children, please do not allow children to urinate in the hedges. I know this can be a temptation for young children but it is unacceptable.

Thank You!

KicKstart Management Committee