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The Philosophy

Inspiring the footballers of tomorrow.​

Clipstone Welfare Colts management teams strive to recruit and develop high quality players to enhance the playing squad, to help increase the positive reputation and attract sponsors and donations for the football club.

We strive to become established as one of the best for productivity and care of young players in the area and pride ourselves on the ethos that even in deprived areas ALL children have the opportunity to play football.


Coaches will create an environment to ensure personal success and achievement with honesty and accessibility for all players and parents through frequent contact and transparent monitoring of progress.


The positive learning environment of our facilities will encourage individuals to learn important life skills incorporating respect, positive discipline and social skills for themselves and towards others not only at the training ground and on the pitch, but also in society.


We aim to recruit and develop high quality coaching staff who will embrace the philosophy and coaching methodology within the structure and deliver this in a structured method with an emphasis on the FUNdamental movements and skills. 

Clipstone Welfare Colts maintain the vision of one day securing its own training facility and operating from a single location with excellent resources in order to fulfill the entire needs of its players, staff and associated persons in the pursuit of excellence in the development of its players.


We are committed in our approach to player development. Our environment encourages players to strive for personal success and achievement. We believe it is important to treat all players as individuals and provide them with a structured training and games schedule, that meets their individual needs. 




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